Wednesday, 26 July 2017

No 12069, Wednesday 26 Jul 2017, Gridman

1   Catch sight of short lass exiting troubled Plassey (4) ESPY PlasSEY*
3   Group of actors at the French building (6) CASTLE {CAST}{LE}
10 Difficulty of math exercise (7) PROBLEM [DD]
11 My principal officer gets traitor's endless collections of text (7) CORPORA {COR}{P}{O}{RAt}
12 Rapidity of ocean areas reviewed (5) SPEED<=
13 A teetotaller worker about to wind up as domestic aid (9) ATTENDANT {A}{TT}{END}{ANT}
14 A hospital section's trophy (5) AWARD {A}{WARD}
16 Salad green I had for a girl (8) CRESSIDA {CRESS}{I'D}{A}
19 Casual wearit's there crumpled (8) TEESHIRT*
21 Attachment to a snack of our country (5) BONDA {BOND}{A}
23 One who brokers is reportedly chap with a decoration (9) MIDDLEMAN (~ medal man)
24 Indications that there's good among wrongdoings (5) SIGNS {SI{G}NS}
26 Touching brown sahib? (7) TANGENT {TAN}{GENT}
27 American comedian's bunch not complete with south Indian actor-politician (7) GROUCHO {GROUp}{CHO}
28 Calm session beginning with oriental girlfriend (6) SEDATE {Se...n}{E}{DATE}
29 Bird takes cap off swindler (4) ROOK cROOK

1   By the way, partners overtake worker (2,7) EN PASSANT {E}{N} {PASS}{ANT}
2   Delve into prince's dress (5) PROBE {P}{ROBE}
4   Albert oversees team, in a rush, engaged in eating food (2,4) AT MEAL {A{TEAM*}L}
5   Silent Tom back with one act (8) TACITURN {CAT<=}{1}{TURN}
6   Darren's botched-up jobs (7) ERRANDS*
7   Girl, having covers, dropped daughter and moved smoothly (6) GLIDED {G}{LIDdED}
8   No working about Iranian language's symbolic system (8) NOTATION {NO}{TATI}{ON}
9   Fraction of pawn's skill (4) PART {P}{ART}
15 A man's finishing editorial work (8) AMENDING {A}{M}{ENDING}
17 It's not that one should do this job for all of 24 hours (1,4,4) A DAYS WORK [CD]
18 Expert's French word journalist put up (8) PROMOTED {PRO}{MOT}{ED}
20 Assistants to round up sheep, left and right (7) HELPERS {SHEEP+L+R}*
21 Cleric, not all of a piece, hops madly (6) BISHOP {BIt}{HOPS*}
22 Time to retire reported by Sir (6) KNIGHT (~ night)
23 Master consumed one of a pair (4) MATE {M}{ATE}
25 Lizard with energy, grabbing small, no-special piece (5) GECKO  {spECK} in {GO} They give me the creeps!


Tuesday, 25 July 2017

No 12068, Tuesday 25 Jul 2017, Gridman

1   Get going with celebrity goat (5,2) START UP {STAR}{T UP}
5   Got leg to move back and forth (6) TOGGLE*
9   A tiny amount of corn, maybe (5) GRAIN [DD]
10 Criminal Deo spared foolishly (9) DESPERADO*
11 No cover for beautiful art work (7) ETCHING fETCHING
12 Small wrestler's top (7) SPINNER {S}{PINNER}
13 Depression experienced by youth caught between sailor and secret force (5) ABYSS {AB}{Y}{SS}
14 Grand Australian woman's clumsy (9) GAUCHERIE {G}{AU}{CHERIE}
16 Admission by one of being faultless is flawed (9) IMPERFECT {I'M PERFECT}
19 Gave trade a little time (5) DEALT [DEAL}{T} Took it as a telescopic first
21 Fidgety over sunburst? (7) NERVOUS {OVER+SUN}*
23 There is no latitude in this belt (7) EQUATOR [CD]
24 Beggar loses hundred, remains a beggar (9) SUPPLIANT SUPPLIcANT
25 Special vocabulary used in calling oldsters (5) LINGO [T]
26 Insect let out insect (6) BEETLE {BEE}{LET*}
27 Reject girl — small member of the pack (7) DISCARD {DI}{S}{CARD}

1   Get signatories to round up one who would not want people mixed (14) SEGREGATIONIST*
2   Clever in any chaos (7) ANARCHY {AN{ARCH}Y}
3   Intense exploitation of court shoes (7) TENNIES* Never knew this! You learn something new everyday
4   Teacher gaped wildly at rascal having lost his head (9) PEDAGOGUE {GAPED*}{rOGUE}
5   Team leader requests assignments (5) TASKS {Team}{ASKS}
6   Shire, gay, not a possibility of becoming colourless (7) GREYISH {SHIRE+GaY}*
7   Head of readers to go into not so strong a student (7) LEARNER {LEA{Re...s}NER}
8   D*** — 'Love' or 'dear' also is such a one (4-6,4) FOUR-LETTER WORD Definition by example
15 Such water may cause disease — such a disease will get worse (9) UNTREATED [C&DD]
17 The hat that one might eat as a snack? (4,3) PORK PIE [DD]
18 Said method allowed to get part of a plant (7) ROOTLET (~route){ROOT}{LET}
19 Large ones bringing in SS? (7) DOUBLES [DD]
20 Feeler put out by worker — girl returns love at last (7) ANTENNA {ANT}{ANNE<=} What's 'love at last' for? See comments
22 Go over a measure (5) SCALE [DD]