Tuesday, 20 February 2018

No 12245, Tuesday 20 Feb 2018, Gridman

1   Sword wound across one hand (8) SCIMITAR {SC{1}{MIT}AR} Anno pending for MIT See comments
6   Surrounded by some pyramids (4) AMID [T]
9   Nervous like the head of municipality in Salem (2,4) ON EDGE Anno pending Definition by example - See comments
10 Loosen tie with nun having no initial sections from the East (7)  UNSTRAP {nUN}{PARTS<=}
13 Get rid of the bird among the very select (9) ELIMINATE {ELI{MINA}TE}
14 Maudlin publicist? (5) CRIER [DD]
15 Extraordinary dues brought into play (4) USED*
16 Once purism swayed the stage (10) PROSCENIUM*

Chicago Auditorium Building, interior from balcony.jpg
By JW Taylor,, photographer.

19 X or Y? Doctor quite lost in web browser (10) CHROMOSOME {CHRO{MO}{SO}ME}
21 Bearing one among fellows (4) MIEN {M{1}EN}
24 Taking after repartee Jack put out (5) APING jAPING
25 Scan till I get to see a spark (9) SCINTILLA*
26 Cold and unemotional person? Beg Eric to change! (7) ICEBERG*
27 Ambitious student emerges as smuggler runs away for good (6) GUNNER GUNrunNER (Addendum - (-r+g)GUNNER - See comments)
28 Brazil etc. back to dazzle (4) NUTS <=
29 Mobile phone feature put up by judge (8) APPRAISE {APP}{RAISE}

2   Pen dupe's punishment (7) CONFINE {CON}{FINE}
3   What a kid may have mixed up — what may be available in a bakery (3,3) MUD PIE [DD]
4   Where you may find 'storehouse of words’, 'reference work,' etc (9) THESAURUS [E]
5   Complaint no good — wake up (5) ROUSE gROUSE
7   Shop for one new Indian cocktail (7) MARTINI {MART}{1}{N}{I}
8   Go mad in a sort of store (12) DEPARTMENTAL {DEPART}{MENTAL}
11 Thus king's opponents become unwell (6) SICKEN {SIC}{K}{E}{N}
12 'Surrender' — Raja's initial and clear delivery (12) RENUNCIATION {Raja}{ENUNCIATION}
17 Recapitulation of activity when additions take place (7,2) SUMMING UP [DD]
18 Arab ruler admitted extremely gustier asylum seeker (6) EMIGRE {EMI{Gu...eR}E} (Correction - {EMI{Gu...r}RE} - See comments)
20 Rani romps around me with primarily thin clothing (7) RAIMENT {RAI{ME}N}{Thin}
22 Complaint of immobility on way out (7) ILLNESS stILLNESS
23 Verse of a Hindustan zamindar extracted (6) STANZA [T]
25 Saint and magi together deciphered Greek letter (5) SIGMA {S}{MAGI*}


As the businessman left the DEPARTMENTAL store with his MARTINI he had a SCINTILLA of doubt. Was a GUNNER following him?
He had a SICKENing feeling and soon let his lawyer APPRAISE the situation.
Then he had to CONFINE himself within the four walls of his villa. He was ON EDGE and going NUTS as he watched the TV.
Finally he USED the time tested escape route.
Like an EMIGRE he quietly slipped out of the country!!

Monday, 19 February 2018

No 12244, Monday 19 Feb 2018, Gridman

Answer and anno for 4D left for a rookie commenter till 10 AM.

1   Support at home somehow reset about a problem (11) BRAINTEASER {BRA}{IN}{TE{A}SER*}
9   Brown, dark-stained drinking vessel (7) TANKARD {TAN}{DARK*}
10 He's eying no small, regulated state of cleanliness (7) HYGIENE {HEs+EYING}*
11 Brilliance of strange tale about head of clan (5) ECLAT {E{Clan}AT*}
12 Alert Cole to reform a type of college in the US (9) ELECTORAL*
13 Cover one animal (5) COATI {COAT}{1}
15 Tart breaks cars with a short baton (9) SARCASTIC {CARS*}{A}{STICk}
18 French father's broad smile at Oriental bird (9) PEREGRINE {PERE}{GRIN}{E}

Peregrine Falcon with Kill.jpg

21 Child led by scholar to become construction worker (5) MASON {MA}{SON}
22 Covers around last of the covers (9) ENVELOPES {ENVELOP{thE}S}
24 Sidestep car? (5) DODGE [DD]
26 Hint: insect's among the Poles (7) SMIDGEN {S}{MIDGE}{N}
27 In sum, a couple of learners didn't keep mum (3,4) ALL TOLD {A}{LL} {TOLD}
28 Support New York hit by a fashionable youngster (11) TEENYBOPPER {TEE}{NY}{BOPPER}

1   Ram's prize is a flower (9) BUTTERCUP {BUTTER}{CUP}
2   Cancel article taken from year-book (5) ANNUL ANNUaL
3   Close shave? Close it! (4,5) NEAR THING {NEAR} {THING}
4   Straight dismissal of boy is perpetual (7) E?D?E?S (Addendum - ENDLESS bENDLESS- See comments)
5   Bribe school male rector to admit each (7) SCHMEAR {SCH}{M}{EA}{R}
6   Maker without legal claim (5) RIGHT Anno pending (Addendum - wRIGHT - See comments)
7   Fresh ceremony is said to be causing a complaint (8) NEURITIS (~ new rite is)
8   Coverage's reportedly lower (4) VEIL (~ vile) Not sure of Anno as this homophone is not right (Addendum - (~ vail) - See comments)
14 Nice farewell (2,6) AU REVOIR [CD]
16 Animal doll Maria destroyed (9) ARMADILLO*
17 Against soft competitor (9) CONTENDER {CON}{TENDER}
19 Perhaps Gemini, by keeping quiet, may have an effect (7) IMPINGE {IM{P}INGE*}
20 Election Commission's quashing of stay brings happiness (7) ECSTASY {EC'S}{STAY*}
22 If not, say LL... (4) ELSE (~ l's)
23 Smoker's request is frivolous (5) LIGHT [DD]
25 Daughter's substandard rise results in decline (5) DROOP {D}{POOR<=}