Tuesday, 26 September 2017

No 12122, Tuesday 26 Sep 2017 Arden

1   Crafty bird takes measure to go sub-sonic (13) MACHIAVELLIAN {MACH 1}{AV{ELL}IAN}
10 Stuck in traffic, I'm so upset over smell (5) OSMIC [T<=]
11 Likely top line at random (9) POTENTIAL*
12 Dog crosses river, one to capture the moment (3,6) BOX CAMERA {BOX{CAM}ER}{A}
13 After greeting, poke under cover (5) HIJAB {HI}{JAB}
14 Period when one's not big-hearted (7) S?S?O?E (Addendum - SYSTOLE [CD] - See comments)
16 Setter had managed to get power tool (7) GRAPNEL {RA{P}N} in {GEL}
18 Ex-British PM's day out with Netanyahu, say (7) ISRAELI dISRAELI
20 A few have another name, tails clipped in the country (7) SOMALIA {SOMe}{ALIAs}
22 Seats distributed according to what one has (5) ASSET*
24 Demand for boy to get into mutual arrangement (9) ULTIMATUM {TIM} in {MUTUAL}*
26 It's largely an assembly on the voice box (9) LARYNGEAL {LARGELY+AN}*
27 High rent all around, it pricks (5) THORN {TORN} over {H}
28 Power behind the throne, Cardinal will revolt after midnight (8,5) EMINENCE GRISE {EMINENCE} {niGht}{RISE}

2    Combines runs — made six (7) ADMIXES*
3    Stable gear — cut a little extra (9) HACKAMORE {HACK}{A}{MORE}
4    Enough help making it go up a bit (5) AMPLE [T<=]
5    Alienates sergeant's order (9) ESTRANGES*
6    Change at the top, group gets a meal (5) LUNCH (-b+l)LUNCH
7    A month to accept offer — capital! (7) ABIDJAN {A}{BID}{JAN} This id the economic capital of Ivory Coat or Cote D'Ivoire
8    Pompously it's rejected, call placed in Mumbai once (13) BOMBASTICALLY {ITS<=}{CALL} in {BOMBAY}
9    WW III? China is a threat to the world (6,7) GLOBAL WARMING {GLOBAL} {WAR}{MING} What's the role of III?
15 Colossal gain finally — fertiliser input is unrestrained (9) EPICUREAN {EPIC}{UREA}{gaiN}
17 Change over — uncle in Chennai's from old school (4,5) ALMA MATER {AL{MAMA}TER}
19 After meat and drink, a deserted platform (7) ROSTRUM {ROaST}{RUM}
21 Applications only time pride is dented (7) LOTIONS {O}{T} in {LIONS}
23 Famous address in and out of joint (5) TENON {TEN}ON Anno pending 
25 Character detained inside until departure (5) TILDE [T]


Monday, 25 September 2017

No 12121, Monday 25 Sep 2017, Buzzer

1   Daring to let slip initial view about outdated superstition (3,5,4) OLD WIVES TALE {bOLD} {VIEW*}{S TALE}
8   Narrow alley town bound ultimately (4) WYND {n...oW}{a..eY}{t.wN}{b..nD}Semi &lit
9   Better half or a mom, entertaining characters briefly (3,1,6) FOR A MOMENT [T]
11 King after king inheriting first-class/special title (6) KAISER {K}{A1}{S}{ER}
12 Heartless, the painful profession of education (8) TEACHING {ThE}{ACHING}
14 As a wild animal, I live by ... (4) IBEX {I}{BE}{X}
16 ... element of ideology, filling but hard (7) BISMUTH {B{ISM}UT}{H}
18 Fellow beating it, edgy and nervous (7) FIDGETY {F}{IT+EDGY}*
19 Units of pressure and size say (4) PSIS {PSI}{S} (Addendum - (~size) - See comments)
22 Wicket secured, run rate pulled back to a strangle (8) GARROTTE {RR}{TO<=} in {GATE}
23 Act as a secretary? One would to make money (2,4) BE PAID {BE} {PA}{I'D}
24 Squeaky clean room, ambient temperature in a resort (5,5) MONTE CARLO {CLEAN+ROOM+T}*
26 Biblical book character ultimately belonging to another age (4) EZRA {E{Z}RA}
27 Perhaps a church body's mean position (6,2,4) CENTRE OF MASS [DD]

2   Veggie garden is fly-free (5,6) LADYS FINGER*
3   Extravagant fare on top of wedding cake (5) WAFER {W}{FARE*}
4   Truth is extremely constraining thing (6) VERITY {VER{IT}Y}
5   Minutes after going to North America maiden ties the knot right away (9) SUMMARIES {US<=}{M}{MARrIES}
6   Ability to hurl weapon (3) ARM [DD]
7   Rubbish a myth as false (2,3) MY HAT*
10 Number of years pursuing ENT? (6) NINETY Anno pending (Addendum - {N}{IN}{E&T} from ENT then {Y} - See comments)
13 Placing emphasis on accepting love is being human (4,7) HOMO SAPIENS {O} in {EMPHASIS+ON}*
15 Station wagon say entering race, turned over (6,3) ESTATE CAR {STATE} in {RACE}<=
17 Translating it, a nomad at heart (6) GITANO [T] Semi &lit
20 Alternative word describing eccentric individual primarily (6) WEIRDO {Ec...c}{In...l} in {WORD}* Semi &lit
21 Fluid tar be distilled periodically for capacity measurement (5) LITRE {fLuId+TaR+bE}
23 A pursuer to appear with a flower (5) BLOOM {aB}{LOOM}
25 Can midget be short (3) TIN TINy